We make electromagnetic tracking systems for use in biomedical and industrial applications.

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Accurate Object Tracking for Advanced Surgical Procedures

Radwave® is a modular, customizable electromagnetic tracking platform that reliably delivers high performance and accuracy for biomedical & other applications. Discover how Radwave® overcomes the obstacles of electromagnetic tracking technology offered elsewhere, including limited sensing volume & EM interference.


While legacy options have fixed, limited sensing volumes, our patent-pending modular design enables large, flexible configuration that can be tailored to your needs.

Accurate & Reliable

Detect metal & electromagnetic interference in ways that no other tracking system can, using proprietary algorithms and components to maintain accuracy.

Fast & Cost-Effective

Building a custom tracking system from scratch can take years, with costs adding up. Radwave® electromagnetic tracking system is ready out of the box and offers quick and cost-effective integration with your device.

Strong Experienced Team

Our team of industry leaders with over 100 years of combined experience knows how to design, develop, and deploy an electromagnetic tracking technology for your medical device.

Integration-ready Components

We work directly with you to equip your device with custom electromagnetic tracking hardware and sensors, tailored to your needs.

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Field Generator / Antenna

Thin, light, radiotranslucent polycarbonate antenna designed for intraoperative fluoroscopy or CT scan.

RWAP1-01 Standard

Standard Antenna Placement: between the patient & the table, below the table, or integrated with the table.
Size: 2.2 x 61.0 x 45.8cm (height, length, width)
Weight: 5.20 kg
Sensing Volume: Starting at 40 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm (W x L x H)

Radwave Reference Sensor

Get reliable reference position and distortion detection & mitigation features with Radwave 6DOF reference sensor. It comes fully assembled with a cable, connector, calibration information, and has been designed for seamless integration into various interventional and minimally invasive devices.


Size: 4.0 x 2.9 x 0.9cm (length, width, height)
Includes a sensor cable, connector, and calibration information for all of the Radwave distortion detection and mitigation features


In partnership with TT Electronics, we provide a wide range of small 5 & 6 DOF sensors that can be easily integrated into a variety of interventional and minimally-invasive devices.

5DOF Sensors (max OD x max length)

019-9388-00R (0.47mm x 5mm)
019-9388-01R (0.33mm x 4.3mm)
019-9388-02R (0.33mm x 3.8mm)
019-9388-03R (0.48mm x 8mm)
019-9352-00R (0.41mm x 4mm)
019-9389-XXR (Varies*)

*Single straight air coil with an inner diameter of 3 French and above. The sensor’s outer diameter and length are configurable with the use of different toolings.

6DOF Sensors (max OD x max length)

019-9391-00R (0.94mm x 9.7mm)
019-9354-00R (1.25mm x 3mm)
019-9390-XXR (Varies*)

*Dual angular wound air coil with an inner diameter of 3 French and above. The sensor’s outer diameter & length are configurable with the use of different toolings.

Control Unit


Provides sensor & antenna connections, calculates positions & orientations of each sensor, and interfaces with the host computer. Track multiple sensors and tools simultaneously with flexible port configurations and high sampling rates to keep up with the high demand.

  • 1U rack mountable unit (4.5cm high x 33.0cm long x 40.6cm wide)
  • 5 x three-coil sensor port connectors
  • 1 x nine-coil sensor port connector
  • A/C power
  • Ethernet interface with modern TCP/IP connection
  • Sampling rates: over 100Hz with 24 sensors
  • Weight: 3.2kg

Our software is designed for rapid integration using encrypted, modern API with open-source SDK

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Used for communication between the application and the Control Unit
  • Available in C++ or C
  • Available for Windows 10 or Linux

Demonstration Application (Demo App)

  • Uses the API to communicate with the Control Unit
  • Displays system status and version
  • Updates the Control Unit software
  • Displays the Antenna and sensors tracking information
  • Source code files are provided to accelerate development and integration