We make electromagnetic tracking systems for use in biomedical and industrial applications.

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Overcoming Limitations

After years of building in-house electromagnetic tracking systems for medical devices, Radwave’s co-founders saw the need to overcome limitations around the sensing volumes, accuracy, interference and compatibility with intraoperative imaging. Radwave’s goal is to provide the reliability, accuracy, and advanced features that medical device innovators need.

Our Core Values

We help bold innovators realize their vision through reliable, trustworthy, and innovative solutions that bring futuristic products to life. Our expertise goes towards helping people create cutting-edge medical devices that work seamlessly and effectively while performing intricate procedures.


We put the needs of our customers and the patients and physicians they serve above all else. We're here to delight our customers.


We work side-by-side as your partner in creating a custom solution that meets your needs. We succeed when you succeed.

Commitment to Performance

We provide accurate tracking when there is no line of sight, so we take our performance seriously and hold ourselves accountable.

Continuous Innovation

As we serve the world’s leading innovators, we seek to continuously improve and evolve our products, services, and business models.

An Expert Team at Your Side

During their time building in-house electromagnetic tracking systems for medical devices, Radwave’s co-founders gained a unique understanding of the industry’s challenges and how to overcome them. They started Radwave with the goal of providing an accurate, reliable, and customizable electromagnetic tracking platform. Their decades of combined experience helps medical device innovators build a better future.


Devices Launched


Years of Experience



The Co-Founders

Andrew, Lev, and Sean combined their expertise to create the next-generation of electromagnetic tracking technology - helping bring about a new wave of surgical robots, image-guided surgery, and more.


Andrew Brown


A medical technology leader with a successful track record in developing medical devices from concept to commercialization with global product development teams. His experience includes 18+ years of medical device product development and leadership at BTG (now Boston Scientific) and Medtronic. He has an MS in software engineering from the University of Minnesota.


Lev Koyrakh

President & CTO

As one of the few electromagnetic tracking experts in the world, Lev is frequently asked to consult on various projects. He has 20+ years of senior technical and leadership experience developing innovative medical devices and 50+ patents & publications in motion tracking and AI for image-guided surgeries. He holds a PhD in Theoretical High Energy Physics from the University of Minnesota.


Sean Morgan


A hardware engineer and product development manager with over 12 years of experience at companies including BTG, Medtronic, and St. Jude Medical. Sean has an MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Minnesota and holds 13 patents in the electromagnetic navigation field.


Our expert team is ready to help you equip your medical device with the best available electromagnetic tracking platform today.