We make electromagnetic tracking systems for use in biomedical and industrial applications.

Accurate Tracking

Interference Detection

Large & Modular Sensing Volume

Intraoperative Fluoroscopy & CT Compatibility

Integration-ready Components, Ready to Scale

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Proudly made in Medical Alley, MN


Realize your vision through electromagnetic tracking.

We help innovators develop next-generation medical devices with customizable electromagnetic tracking capabilities. Seamlessly customize our highly accurate platform to your requirements and start tracking in no time.

High position & orientation accuracy

Customizable & adaptive sensing volume

Interference Detection

Small 5 & 6 DOF Sensors

Intraoperative fluoroscopy & CT compatibility

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Best-in-class tracking for superior medical care

Our electromagnetic tracking technology is made for medical devices. We help you create a next-generation device by delivering the highest-level procedural accuracy from the best technology there is.

Customizable Sensing Volume

Match our system’s sensing volume to your procedural needs, no matter how small or large. Focus on an area, or navigate along the patient's entire anatomy.

Small 5 & 6 DOF Sensors

Seamlessly integrate miniature coil sensors into your surgical instruments, tools, robots, and other equipment. Use 6DOF sensors for additional roll degree of freedom.

Interference Detection

Reliably detect metal and electromagnetic interference for improved position confidence.

Medical Device Ready Components

Manufactured under ISO 13485 (quality), IEC 62304 (software), IEC 60601-1 (safety), and IEC 60601-1-2 (emissions & immunity)

Intraoperative Scan

Radiotranslucent antennas enable intraoperative fluoroscopy and CT scan imaging.


Broad compatibility with a wide range of environments, equipment, and tools.

High Sampling Rate

Track multiple sensors at the same time without slowing down.

Easy & Secure Integration

Our secure API is equipped with a modern library & high-level programming interface for rapid integration with new and existing medical devices.

Make your tracking system work like it should

We’re ready to equip your device with a turnkey solution that delivers the most accurate tracking capabilities available – regardless of any static and dynamic interference that may be present. With over 100 years of combined field experience, our team can solve your tracking issues today.